Tuesday, February 7, 2012

w e e k e n d e r.

Sunday walks after church down to Olvera street produce good food and excellent inspiration.
1. tostada 2. signage for Mr. Churro against a wonderful gate 3. mexican sandal wants
4. my love for the 80's sweater design against my love for brick 5. my friend & I enjoy stopping to observe the succulents displayed

The past 4 days have been earth shaking. An unforeseen amount of changes has jumbled my emotions and I have been left confused. However God provides such loving people in my life that have supported me through this weekend whether it was phone calls in a parking lot or getting coffee and praying for me. God is good all the time.

lots of lovee


  1. man i bet someone with good taste bought that sweater

    1. probably because a certain fashionable grandmother complimented it


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