Sunday, June 5, 2011


今日は私の誕生日です! 私は十九さいです。

Today marks my nineteenth year of birth.

cuuuuuh-razy. EVERYBODY DON THEIR "YAYY" HATS! ..okay fine. i'll just do it myself ^_^

Honestly this birthday isn't exciting for me, and it's not cus the year isn't a milestone one(thats a small part of it). Mostly because the only thing on my mind all day has been the looming finals that I have tomorrow and the rest of the week that I am falling behind on studying for.

Another reason is that most of my friends are away at school studying so today isn't exciting :/

on a separate note. I bought a FLOPPY HAT yesterday! It was only $10 and I like the shape and color so i would call that a success :) I am a firm believer in treating yourself to a gift on your birthday, which is what this hat is. WINNNNN!

a boring looking post for an uneventful day. pictures of the hat to come

until then
lots of stressed out lovee

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