Friday, June 3, 2011

lights in the trees and hummingbirds

they had the tastiest lemonade that was soo fresh ! If only there was mint limeadee

another week OVAA! *its really so much better if you say that out loud*

After all of the stress for finals coming up next week and future activities I got the chance to have a quiet lunch with my aunt at this little place in Pasadena, Happy Trails.

Honestly that first thing I thought of when she told me the name was the song: "happy trails to you...until we meet again" lalalalalalalalaa. you know what i'm saying. But it's quite beautiful in back and I would love love love to hold a party there. Very country party backyard feel--just what i love :)

too bad dumb me didn't bring my camera, but WORRY NOT! I am for sure going back soon so I will steal a few pictures then. For now let me express how I feel through photo-bombing (what i do best)

Had the first cherries of the season this week but i'm craving strawberries :)
we talked about breakfast foods..

and baking yummy things..
LOTS of baked goods
We decided that ice cream sounds excellent..specifically with bananas fosterr
Even though there's still a lot of stress I feel better after just talking and sitting still for a little while.sighh exactly what I needed before another hectic weekend and an even crazier week. Take some time and sit in your backyard or on your porch. See all of God's beautiful creation and relax :)

 lots of relaxed lovee

p.s. isn't this sooo cute?! 

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