Friday, June 17, 2011

i misss..

Recently I have been remembering those things that I used to be addicted to but have worn away over the years. Like my mom's  beef stroganoff. Absolutely delicious.

I miss working at the florist shop in the summer and going to the flower markets in the early mornings then making flower arrangements in the afternoons
 That's what I would look like coming out from the flower mart in the mornings...though I wasn't so sweetly dressed
 Most of all I missed the vibrant colors and intense fragrances of a shop full of flowers

All this nostalgia makes me miss dancing hula even more, which is what reminds me of summers the most. Performances under blazing hot suns on hard gravel at the local chinatown festivals...hanging out with my friends in between dances and during practices...sighh. I suppose it's never over until it is.

lots of summer lovin'

(creds: tumblrz)

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