Friday, June 17, 2011

tidbits. SAN

Yeah. It's finally come. part 3 of my whirlwind photo diary from LAST WEEK. man i'm a slacker.

Granted. I have been working and gotten sick in that time. whateves here it is part SAN of my weekend : GRAND CANYON

So begins with me and my fambam in a helicopter flying through the grand canyon down to the colorado river.
View down stream from our boat cruise
Our next stop on the canyon where we met a friend...
We are pretty sure he said his name was "Wiz Khalifa" hahahaha. He draws beautiful murals on rocks with sharpies for the tourists on the spot and will show you all the stuff the tour people don't know about that area, like where Thunderbird and the Red Lady are. Cool guy with an even cooler outfit.

I can't help but be amazed by God when I look at his creation and the intricate details of how this Earth came to be. He made it so beautiful and rich with resources and love, but there is so much hate and evil that has taken hold. Makes one wonder about the future of mankind..

Well thank you for enjoying this fastforward-ed version of my weekend photo-diary. Stay tuned next time for more random inspiration and photo bombing :)

lots of loveee

(creds: MEEEE )

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