Friday, June 17, 2011

not so different

What does one do when they are home all day sick? Sit in bed watching ドラマ, drinking lots of liquids and not eating much else, and lastly scouring the internet in search of different fashion inspirations :) (the latter being my favorite of the activities, and being sick in bed just makes spending more time doing that as a better excuse)

I now present my latest NEW fashion inspiration from Japan:
MINA NAGAMINE. designer for japanese based brand EMODA

Isn't she so cute? I love LOVE LOVE her shoes...check 'em out

I'm usually not one for yellow shoes, but these mustard yellow clogs are too adorable!

 Leopard? platform clogs? long skirts? 
It's nice to see that these trends aren't just western or an American fad.

 There are soooo many things I want to share on this blog! material things like my new sun hat and my new favorite jacket. intellectual things like the newest book that I'm reading. Spiritual things like my upcoming baptism and my thoughts on that. 

Sighh. I suppose all these will have to wait for tomorrow while I continue being sick at home. :( ....or not. 

 Until then frands.

lots of love

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