Monday, June 6, 2011

just a taste

I wish this post was about food! because i know that's what you're thinking when you read the title.

actually, I am planning to finish that post I promised on the garlic knots that I made...when those photos are uploaded...stay tuned.

No this is a celebratory photo-bombing attack your senses as i am HALF WAY DONE WITH FINALS! wooooooo...okay I still have 2 left but I'm feeling pretty good so we'll just leave it at that.

Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl
Sheer brilliance.
the bolo is baaaaack! yessss.
i'm attracted to jewelry that takes human figure
color explosion on canvas
color explosion in your MIND

As you can tell and are probably tired of, I am obsesssssed with lights lately! Not sure what it is but they can be so pretty ^_^

alright,alright. back to studying. until we meet again dear readers

lots of lovee

(creds: tumblr cyberworld, Nicole Warne, Style-Arena)

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