Wednesday, May 4, 2011

procrastination. procrastination is the game..

I am taking a break from working on my take-home midterm to blog because I am tired of flipping through my book and I am undisciplined... mainly just the second one. i should really try to change that..

so i thought i would share my outfit from last sunday! I was feeling gross and bloated and yet slightly inspired by ballerinas. (isnt that ironic? feeling fat and yet inspired by some of the skinniest people on the planet?!)

see? bloated. i believe the root to be from the night before. I did considerable snackin' while i was at the korean music festival. had to fill the 7 hours there somehow... (*p.s. pictures from that perhaps in the next post). I did throw a sweater over so the scandy back wasn't showing at church but i absolutely love this tank that i got from Cotton On! 
back to boring midterm studying! 

lots of stressed love

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