Sunday, May 8, 2011

reflect on it.

happy happy happy mothers day to all y'all mothers out thuurrrr!

I thank God for my mum and everything that she does for me..especially the things i dont always see or think about. I realized today that the life of a mother can be some hard work and I definietly do not give credit or love to my mom for all the ways that she has shown me unconditional love over the years.

yes, sometimes I can not stand her nagging or any number of other slightly annoying tendencies, but nonetheless she is just looking out for me and what is in my best interests.

on another note: I finally have internet!
Losing my internet at home for the past 3 days has made me think about how much I rely on the internet for hours of meaningless entertainment, so I have had the enjoyment of going outdoors more :)

sooo what i'm trying to say is: GO LOVE NATURE NOW! stop reading my blog post and go enjoy some fresh air for a while.

I will not as I study for my last midterm...enjoy the week!

lots of looove

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