Saturday, May 14, 2011

attack the senses

internet! The internet is still down at the homestead :( so i have been reduced to taking advantage of the wonderful starbucks establishment nearby.
(needless to say its inconvenient, but will hopefully be remedied very soon)

here's some photo-bombing for you that jumped out at me while i aimlessly rummaged through my friend and Glitter Guide's  tumblrs... i am now seriously thinking of creating one for myself.

I am always down for lying on a roof and staring up at God's creation. p.s. check out more amazing photography by Chanelle

I want to do this RIGHT NAO

Nutella&banana crepes, Churro sticks with nutella, limeade popsicles?! YUMMS.
tribal prints+overly glittered nail polish= yes, pleassse

please let me live in one of these   

entice your senses :)

lots of love


  1. yes! create a tumblr! although...i may just be the most addicting thing you'll ever get into.
    the sitting on the rock pic is tight. and the crepe looks really bomb O.O

  2. luve these pictures!


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