Sunday, May 8, 2011

"When you get a nickel from a bum, don't go waste it on bubblegum. put it in your cap! "

Inspiring words from Marge Simpson to Bart. A lovely mother-son moment.

Anyways the thought of purchasing a hat has been on my mind lately, but I'm not sure if it would suit I ask of you, the internet community for some feedback. I think a nice floppy beach hat for everyday would be lovely...

(now for those photos that have inspired this post...)
Love the cranberry color scheme from Gary Pepper Girl
fabulous flowy movement from Beth Jones
Such a cute summer outfit shown at Coachella
casual shopping look from Japan

thoughts? complaints? worth an investment? feeeeeedback. I can't be trusted with my own decisions to purchase things...other than food.

lots of love!

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