Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did you see the fly on the screen in Amelie?

All about details!

This week when i was browsing various tumblr's and blogs I noticed that the details of an outfit are truly what makes it unique and brilliant. Here are a few of my favorite detailed finds this week...

case in point:(on Facehunter) a cute simple outfit, but the bows on her shoes really add a POP to the whole look.

JakandJill caught the beautiful color details of the Josh Goot collection
the giant safety pin is genius and adds that extra bada$$ attitude to the outfit
My favorite look that I found this week! She is so adorable with the bow that gives her a playful feel
Of course I need to include a ring shot. Absolutely breathtaking intricacy and detail in this armor ring

Aren't the details of an outfit so amazingly instrumental to creating a new look to something? Keeping the details in mind as i dress every morning :)

lots of finals stress building up so blogging may become secondary for the next 2 weeks. in the mean time go ZUMMBA for a while like I am right now !

lots of lovee


  1. I was at that Josh Goot show - you should have seen the shoes! And they gave out free Belvedere. Mmm.

  2. Ah! Josh Goot was one of my favorite collections-i loved the painted look! I'm so jealous i would have loved to see it in person.

    Ooh that sounds good..especially for free haha


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