Monday, May 30, 2011

all of the llghts, all of the lights

Yes, Kanye does make some good music in between crazy tantrums.

This past week I have been very inspired to do a lot of d.i.y. projects, especially for the home. Problem: my house is too cluttered to do the decorations that I would like :( Solution!: Design a friend's apartment for them(*hint hint*) or find an event to do.

dilemma dilemma dilemma.

Understand, these are projects so adorable and bodacious that they must be tried! See for yourself and guard your heart:

Adorable right? Gives off that down-home feel with the jars + those LED throwies are sick! = must cover my house in lights.
I love that these aren't necessarily items that you have to buy, because you get the same thing by using old jam jars or any jars that you love. recycleeeee!

Now go make your own and share with me how they look! :)

lots of love

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