Friday, May 20, 2011

no slippage here!

yes folks that's right. Kara has finally made a lemon meringue pie! It was amazing how easy it was to make and there aren't actually that many ingredients. aweeeesome. The worst part was whipping the meringue by hand in the heat of my oven..bad idea. However for the sake of my mother's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN MAMA!) it was worth it :) ...especially when my brother did most of the beating haha.

Honestly I don't even like lemon meringue pie, but I would definitely try my hand at it again. According to my mother (who taught me how to bake) this was a success because the meringue didn't slip off when it was baked. Learn something everyday.

verrrry carefully cutting the first slice

My mom being very smiley with the pie

Continuing with the birthday celebrations I went out with the parentals today! it's been a really long time since the three of us went out and it was actually really nice :) here's a hint of what we did...
yums right?!
picture bombing to come!

lots of lovee

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