Sunday, May 22, 2011

third wheeeelin it

Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school

Fresh Prince of Bel Air was an awesome show...sighh. nostalgia.

Anyways! As promised sharing some photos of my day out with my parents celebrating mi madre's birthday. (hence "third wheelin it" ..aka i invaded my parental's date) I try to make sense sometimes...

It was a beautifully sunny, breezy day yesterday after a long week of gloom and rain, so going to the Huntington Gardens for tea was perfect. Thanks to my aunt we didn't have to pay admission so going was all the more worth it. We arrived for our reservation at the tea room around 1:15ish and were taken to the back room which was 10x's quieter and nicer.

We were greeted by delicious condiments for our tea and scones..
front to back: clotted cream, mixed berry jam, peach/orange marmalade, butter & brown sugar cubes, milk for tea

Then came the endless basket of scones!
bluberry rosemary apple spice scones. YUMS
After that they bring each person their own pot of tea and the rest of the food is laid out buffet style. (not the classiest but everything was still very good)
left: hummus on flat bread, salmon & egg salad finger sandwiches, caviar, fruit tarts, arugula salad   right: i chose rose petal tea <3 
Everything was delicious but so very filling, so after tea/lunch we walked around the gardens and museums
the rose garden

Japanese garden closed for 100 year remodel
...and so begins the photoshoot in the chinese garden. photo cred: mamabear

From there we went to go see the Blue Boy painting inside the Gallery, but our time was cut short because the library was closing for the day. Overall it was such a nice day and very relaxing. happy birthday again mama :) i love you

lots of lovee

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